How to get rid of anxiety naturally

Ways to Stop Anxiety & Stress in your life

It seems everyone and their mother is stressed out to the max today and looking to find ways to get rid of anxiety. You can see the stress on people’s faces just walking through the mall or in any public place. People are mainly unhappy and worried. The problem is, the stress and anxiety is literally eating them away from the inside out.

Science has proven stress and anxiety cause a breakdown of the body, increase the speed in which we age and causes us to get sick more often and for longer periods of time.

So how do we deal with these issues in a way that is manageable?

Look, even I get stressed from time to time. But below are the main things I do when I start feeling the anxiety starting to creep in. They are all proven methods and best of all, they are free and you don’t need to take any drugs to feel better!

1. Deep Breathing

Just Breathe! I know it sounds so simple, almost dumb. But when you’re stressed you don’t realize it but your breathing gets shallower and faster.

Slow it down consciously. Feel your breath, concentrate on it. Breath as deeply as you can and exhale.

Make it even more effective by telling yourself that as you are exhaling, you are ridding your body of all of its “tightness” and anxiety. It’s just flowing out with the breaths.

2. Meditate instead of Medicate

Medicine is not going to help. You might feel better for the moment, but all you’re really doing is complicating everything and polluting your body. Rather, try to meditate.

Now I don’t mean you need to be a Buddha or Guru, simple meditation is simply slowing your mind and thoughts down enough to see the now. Experience now-ness. When you concentrate on now, you’re not thinking about the future problems you have, or your past or anything but what is NOW.

3. Practice Self Love

No, nothing dirty here. I’m taking about treating yourself well. Like go for a massage once in a while, or even a manicure. It feels nice to pamper yourself once in a while. And you should. Remember why it’s nice to be alive.

4. Eliminate Soda and Coffee

Your diet also plays a huge part on how you feel. Drinking things with a lot of sugar or caffeine also induce feelings or stress rather than calmness. If at all possible, try switching out a soda for an un-sweetened lemonade, or a healthier juice. Or the best option, just drink water.

There are a lot of really delicious teas to try as well if you’re a big coffee drinker like I was. Some of them have a really mellowing effect, and they taste great. And just the warmness can be comforting as well.

5. Get Rid of Clutter

– It’s hard to feel peaceful when you’re surrounded by a lot of clutter. A minimalist environment that is tidy and neat make you feel calmer than a place where there is mess and chaos. Some people even go as far as cleaning to cope with stress, as it makes you feel in control in a sometimes uncontrollable situation.

6. Stop Digging

There’s a saying, the first thing to do to get out of a hole is to stop digging! Meaning, one of the biggest things people stress about is money. Especially debt.

So STOP adding more debt if that is your number one stress.

A lot of people have the tendency to “relieve” stress by shopping, or buying another thing they do not nor ever needed to try to make themselves feel better.

Instead, make yourself feel better by getting rid of stuff. Less stuff, less chaos. Less stress. Have a garage sale. Use, Ebay. Sel, sell, sell! Make some money rather than spend it, I bet it’ll make you feel a whole lot better!

So here are my 6 very serious tips to relieve the anxiety in your life. They may not seem all that “scientific”, but I promise they are a step in the right direction to making yourself feel a lot better.

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Benefits of Alkaline Water

Should I Be Using Alkaline Water PH With H?

Homeopathic medicines are made with pure spring water or specialized tinctures. When you use them, it is a good idea to also drink some alkalized or ionic water, otherwise they have to compete in an acidic environment, and may become less stable.

Homeopathy uses water imprinting into the structural memory of water, which is structured and has a high surface tension.

The PH system (parts hydrogen, a measure of how alkaline or acidic water is) of regular tap water, reverse osmosis, distilled and most bottled waters are extremely acidic in nature.

This acidity is unstructured, has low surface tension and will reduce the effectiveness of any supplements or medicines you are taking. Your body has to take calcium from your bones and joints to re-mineralize this acidic water.

An acidic PH level is a direct cause of inflammation in your body and leads to most illnesses! There are also pathogens, heavy metals, prescription drugs, chemicals and waste products in that same water.

No wonder most of the people in the so-called “civilized” world have their health so out of whack. If you are not drinking alkaline (preferably ionized) water, then you are selling your health short!

The other chemicals in acidic water will eventually cause disease, cancers, Alzheimer’s, brittle bones, wrinkled saggy skin, and make you look decrepit and much older than you really are.

Alkalized Water – Healing Water?

There is one thing that makes a big difference in your health and beauty profile (handsomeness if you’re a man) and that’s saturating your body with the health and rejuvenating benefits of ionized alkaline PH water. When the water is alkalized and ionized it becomes highly structured with a high surface tension, alkaline and has the toxins and pathogens filtered out.

If you’ve seen how red blood cells clump together when people are dehydrated or ill, then you know how this can cause health problems.

Ionised water uses electrolysis to separate the acidic particles from the alkaline particles, resulting in PH adjusted water. You can set an ionizer to produce acidic water (which is great for cleaning up around the house).

Water treated with distillation or reverse osmosis produces only acidic water as they take out the beneficial minerals and structure of the water, micro-clustering and high surface tension needed to hydrate all your living cells.

Drinking alkaline PH ionized water solves this problem for you! Ionized drinking water is making a huge difference in my own life, as a natural bodybuilder, health & fitness guru, the way I look, feel and perform means everything! And it can really help with any stomach problems you may have, or gastro illnesses according to Gastroinflorida. Ionizing and Alkalizing the water creates the highest quality (structured, micro-clustered, alkaline and mineralized) and by far the best tasting drinking water you have ever had.

Try it for yourself and you won’t go back. I did just that when a friend of mine (Giovanni) gave me the information on this water, and had me actually sample it. I thought he was nuts at first because I never heard of ionized water, and I am in the health industry.

I actually stopped using my Reverse Osmosis filter and switched to the highly Alkaline Ionized Water immediately! He was definitely on the right track with this. I did my own research it totally confirmed what he has told me.

The taste different is clear, and how I feel afterwards is even better. It not only quenches my thirst but hydrates my skin as well, and that makes me look really good, not just in the gym but later in the evenings at social events too!
Ionic Water Benefits

How Will Drinking This Ionic Water Benefit Me?

  • It reduces total body inflammation and hydrates all your cells
  • You get more energy (ionized water has more electrical potential)
  • Completely hydrates and oxygenates your entire body, inside and out,
  • Makes blood and lymph cells more fluid and electrically charged
  • Removes the cause of many diseases (acidity and inflammation)
  • Makes your skin and hair look fully radiant, elastic and youthful
  • Quenches Your Thirst!

Alkaline Water for Health

Here are a few water ionizers that I recommend that work well with homeopathic remedies and also reduce the causes of inflammation and dehydration (From Better to Best), they can make your current water more alkaline PH as well as health and beauty promoting too:

  • Alkapod – Portable water ionizer for those on the go (has zeolyte in it)
  • Hybrid – Home or travel unit (very high quality)
  • Genesis – The highest quality home water ionizer
  • Revelation – Under sink completely installed home unit (Set it and forget it!)

Ionized bottled water can be a quick fix but should not be the staple of your drinking water because it does not have the same properties as health grade ionized water that is bottled by you!

Do yourself a favor and at least get a portable ionizer before you waste your hard earned money on highly overpriced tap water that still may not be hydrating. Besides, the plastic bottles bleed plastic into the water.

There is also a huge disposal and waste problem along with the cost to the environment and waste disposal. You can help by using BPA-Free (the cancer causing chemical in most plastic water bottles) stainless steel or thicker bottles that you can wash and reuse (filing them with your own ionic water, of course!)

Ionized Drinking Water – Alkaline PH

You don’t need to add anything to the already highly alkaline ionized water, as it’s already in it’s most energetic and mineralized state. Listen to what a prominent brain injury specialist has to say about how it transformed her own health, from being highly inflammatory to extremely healthy:

The best overall method for water purification is getting your own home water ionization unit like the Genesis Ionizer or an Alkapod Portable Water Ionizer.

Water for Life USA sells the best alkaline water ionizers: devices that transform ordinary tap water into healing and rejuvenating, deliciously hydrating water. Use this alkaline water ionizer to purify your water from disease causing living pathogens (viruses, bacteria and protozoa), change your water’s pH structure from acid to alkaline, and transform your water into a powerful antioxidant.

Ask anyone who sufferers from gout or arthritis who regularly drinks ionized water. They will tell you how much their condition improves! The quality of Water for Life USA’s products are proven through dozens of scientific papers and thousands of healthy, rejuvenated athletes and clients.

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The Skinny on Skin Care

A truthful look at what matters and what doesn’t where facial skin is concerned. 

Many of us have once stood before a seemingly all-knowing beauty consultant and been told a mish-mash of misleading facts designed to wow the naïve consumer into purchasing a plethora of products that we may, or may not use to the last drop before we again find ourselves before yet another beauty consultant of a different brand, brandishing a whole new set of semi-true selling points.

It’s time to cut the crap and get down to the unadulterated truth of skin care.

Skin care is about solutions. Forget about several step regiments. The key to a great skin care regiment is finding solutions for your specific skin concerns, which probably won’t include all the products recommended to you by a department store beauty clerk.

Cleanser – The Essential Step

The purpose of a cleanser is to remove dirt and makeup and hinder bacterial growth. Some cleansers work better for dryer skin and have a more lotion like consistency, while other cleansers, like foaming or gel types are better for oilier skin.

Oily skin types need to keep in mind that over-stripping the oil from your skin can lead to an over production of sebum. Gentle, effective cleansing is the key.

The Skinny: Each person has a different type of cleanser they prefer. Whether dispensed from a bottle, or rubbed from a bar, the difference is personal choice and one is not better than another. All that matters here is that your skin feels fresh, clean and not tight or dry right after washing.

 TIP: Bar soaps use little water in production and require very little to zero preservatives making them an eco-friendly choice.


Eye Makeup Remover – Makeup Divas Only

Eye makeup remover is a must if you wear waterproof mascara or thick eyeliner. It is not, however, something that you must buy from a beauty counter. The magic ingredient that removes your heavy eye makeup is none other than…oil. And surprisingly, any oil will do the job.

Try almond oil, jojoba oil, or EVOO. Remove your eye makeup before you wash your face and you can wash away that greasy oil feeling with out stripping your precious eye area.

The Skinny: Do remove heavy eye makeup with a natural oil before washing your face. Use 100% cotton balls or pads to do the job.

Toner – To Tone or Not To Tone…

This is a good question. It would seem that no skin care regiment is complete with out a matching bottle of toner. But what does it do for us?

The truth here is, for most people toner is not important. What toner does is remove residue from products used before it, and depending on the formula, it may balance your skin’s ph or have additional acne fighting ingredients. Also, it keeps your skin moist which makes your moisturizer go on in a nice thin layer.

The Skinny: Using toner is only necessary if you are looking for an extra benefit such as skin calming for irritable skin or acne fighting. The ingredients in toner are inexpensive so don’t pay for packaging. Shop for brands that don’t dress up their products.

TIP: For a soothing toner, fill a spray bottle with filtered water and sliced cucumber and keep it in the fridge for up to 5 days.

Moisturizer – Don’t Leave Home Without It!

This vital step should never ever be skipped. Whether you have oily skin, dry skin or a combination of both, finding the perfect moisturizer should be number one on your priority list. The day you begin washing your face morning and night is the day you should begin applying moisturizer.

These creamy concoctions provide a wide variety of benefits and are the most researched items in any skin care line and are the foundation for the best facials in San Diego. They are the proverbial “bacon” of the skin care industry.

Finding the right moisturizer for your skin can be an expensive venture. Many products range anywhere from 30 to 80 dollars and some are even more. My advice is to never ever buy before you try.

Additionally, shop the brands and read up before you bust your budget. While you do get what you pay for in moisturizers, make sure you aren’t paying for a chic glass jar. The contents are the focus, not the sparkly wrapper.

WARNING: I can’t stress the cost of packaging enough. I have purchased bulk jars from packaging companies before and the fancy jars that department store brands use can cost anywhere from 10 to 20 dollars a piece and sometimes more. The more special they look, the more they cost. That’s a lot of money for a container that will likely end up in the recycling bin in three months.

The Skinny: There’s no getting around it! Use moisturizer every time you wash your face. Make sure either your moisturizer or foundation has sunscreen.

Eye Cream – What, When, Why and How

The skin around your eye is thin and more prone to collagen break down than the skin of your face. It is important to apply a product that will infuse your eye area with moisture and nutrients to promote the maintenance of your collagen.

Products like eye gels tend to reduce puffiness while creams and lotions are moisture specific. It’s not necessary to use both a gel to de-puff and a cream for moisture. Find one product that will do all you need. Apply eye products by gently patting them around the whole eye area with your ring finger.

What age a person should start using eye cream depends on their skin type. Oily skin types should start using an eye cream in their late twenties or early thirties. Dry skin types should begin using eye creams in their early twenties.

The reason for this is that the secretion of sebum or oil on the skin actually protects your skin from free radicals and pollutants and can stave off aging.

Dry skin has less sebum production so it’s important to moisturize the face, neck and eye area at an earlier age to keep wrinkles at bay.

The Skinny: Do use an eye cream whenever you moisturize; especially if you have mature or dry skin. Find a product that does double or triple duty and is appropriate for your age and budget.

Exfoliators – Scrub-a Dub Dub

Exfoliation removes the dead skin cells from the surface that would otherwise remain and begin to decompose and cause icky skin problems. Exfoliating is good for you but there are some rules you should follow.

Don’t exfoliate too often. If you exfoliate too long or too often you can irritate your skin. Acne prone skin should be especially wary here because scrubbing can actually spread bacteria and perpetuate breakouts.

Exfoliate twice a week, every three or four days and rub your skin just enough to get around your whole face. If you have acne prone skin, use your exfoliator with short and gentle sweeping strokes.

Stay away from super abrasive scrubs. Exfoliators with harsh abrasives such as ground apricot pits can actually create tiny scratches all over your face. The skin of your face should be handled very gently. Use scrubs that have tiny abrasives or soft ones like ground almonds or micro-beads.

If you have a lot of dry, flaking skin, set your face over a bowl of steaming hot water (6 inches from the surface) and cover your head with a towel. Let the steam penetrate and loosen the flaky skin for about 5 minutes before proceeding with your exfoliation.

This way you can remove those pesky flakes with out scrubbing your skin raw. You can even add calming essential oils or tea bags to the water for a therapeutic experience.

The Skinny: For a fresh face, exfoliate your skin twice a week using a gentle formula that won’t scratch your skin up.

TIP: Use baking soda mixed with water for an instant exfoliator if all you need to do is freshen your skin.

Specialty Products – A Way to “Super Size” Your Bill

Also known as the “up sell”, specialty products are sometimes needed but most times not. Additionally, they are typically more expensive than anything else you’ll buy. Most of the time, you can find a regular skin care item with these same special ingredients that will eliminate the need for you to buy an extra jar. An example of this is a toner with alpha hydroxy acids or a moisturizer with wrinkle fighting properties.

The Skinny: Unless you have a special skin condition, specialty products are overkill.

Once upon a time, as an untrained consumer myself, I was sold a gel face wash, a cleansing bar, a toner, a moisturizer that could only be used on part of my face, an eye cream, an exfoliator, a night time moisturizer and a day time moisturizer all in the same purchase. I was 19 years old, and yes, I was naïve.

Now, many years of tested products and accumulated wisdom later, I bring you the bare truth of skin care. Using matching products from the same line will not ensure success. Fancy bottles do not always contain more expensive or magical ingredients. And anti-aging face wash will not reduce signs of aging; it will merely wash your face.

So go forth, empowered consumer and get samples, ask questions, and research products. Read online about different brands of skin care and decide what sounds good for you. Find the retailers for those products and make appointments for free skin care trials.

Do not make the mistake of buying anything right after your appointment. Do not be wowed by baseless analogies or technical terms. Ask how it works and why it works until it makes sense to you.

And most importantly, ask to take home samples and wait at least over night to see how your skin responds to the routine before buying. You’ll thank yourself for making a smart and informed purchase!

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How to Get Rid of Head Lice Naturally

How to Get Rid of Head Lice with NO Chemicals!

Headlice spend their entire life in the scalps of people and only feed on human blood. These little vampires (head louse) attach eggs to the scalps of unsuspecting people.

They can also attach to pubic hair (called crabs or crab louses).

It’s medical name is called pediculosis. After they hatch they remain attached to the shaft of the hair until physically removed by abrasion (usually with a lice comb) or special shampoos.

If left untreated they can take months or years to get rid of. Lice combs may leave the eggs (nits) and should be used with a natural, pesticide free shampoo for safe and effective long term results.

Nits become immune to the poison but it still harms the body, so choosing a natural remedy is by far the best solution for complete relief!

Nits or Lice in The Hair

A Nit refers to a louse egg or nymph. They multiply and lay eggs quickly so it is best to treat it as soon as you notice it. They can spread by jumping on the clothing or bedding and jumping on to the next person.

They can cause itching, flaking and swelling of the scalp and can introduce disease into your body. They are usually treated with dangerous pesticides, but fortunately natural treatments are actually safer and more effective – both short and long term!

How to Remove Lice & Nits From the Hair or Body

Licenex is a natural homeopathic shampoo that safely removes lice and nits from your hair and body (pediculosis or crabs) overnight, without the use of harmful pesticides which poison you as well. Here is what Licenex does for you:

  • Quickly and Safely Begins removing lice and nits from your entire home and body
  • Soothes irritated skin quickly, including inflammation, itching, sensitivity, swelling and soreness
  • Gives you a holistic, safe solution to lice infestation without the use of dangerous pesticides

lice lifecycle

Here’s what people are now saying about using Licenex to get rid of lice & nits from their hair and bodies fast:

The nits are just falling off . . .
By Maggie S. (TX) • 5 Star

This is my second purchase of Licenex. We tried Licenex about a year ago; we had a seriously severe infestation. We got the initial infestation in July 2007.

We tried all the store bought items. We tried the poison ones, the natural ones, home recipes and we couldn’t get rid of them. We had them for almost five months when I came upon Licenex online. I ordered it and started using it immediately. The nits started falling off, and we finally were over them about three weeks later.

This time when we discovered the lice, we got on the ball and started using the Licenex I had left over from last year. Again the nits are just falling off and my girls’ heads are almost clean. I sincerely recommend this product to anyone who has tried everything already. The hardest part is getting rid of the nits. Licenex does that for you. The best part is how easy it is to use and the results are great.

I liked the fact it would get the eggs as well.
By Penny L. (GA) • 5 Star

My son came home from school with lice and I immediately ran to the drug store, bought traditional kits, and spent hours combing and picking nits out of his head. After a few days it was back and his 3 year old brother had it as well. Getting a 3 year old to sit still long enough to comb and pick was nearly impossible. Needless to say after a few more days they were back again. Frustrated, looking on the Internet I found Licenex. I liked the fact that it said it would get the eggs as well. I ordered it and it arrived quickly. I used the same bottle to spray furniture, car, etc. and use in the laundry. Finally the lice were gone! Thank you Licenex! I continue to spray linens and furniture often. It has a nice smell!

Everything else I was doing was not working for her.
By Carrie M. (New Brunswick) • 5 Star

I have a little girl that just seemed to just keep getting lice from school. She was so ashamed that she would make me promise not to tell anyone to watch out. After 2 bouts of it only 3 months apart she would cry so bad.

I found this on line and tried it, everything else I was doing was not working for her. I was so frustrated. I am still using it on a weekly basis to prevent even getting it again, and some of her friends have gotten it but not her. I believe this product works, and because of it she has got her life back and is happy again. I can’t thank you enough. Thanks MOM! God bless this product.

There are NO bugs on my daughter’s head!
By Julie M. (IL) • 5 Star

For the first time in two and a half weeks there are NO bugs on my daughter’s head! It was as simple as put it on, rub it in, rinse, and 5 min of combing! This is a great product for parents of young children or anyone sick of the long process of the over the counter stuff! Thank you so much for bringing peace back to my home!!

Getting Rid of Lice & Nits – Quickly & Naturally

You can stop the infectious spread of these little vampires before they infest every corner and crevice of your home. Don’t sleep with uninvited guests getting in your hair.

Get it and get rid of nits now using natural homeopathic medicines. Lice are history. Just click on the Licenex banner below and you’ll discover how to get of lice quickly and safely.

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What is Homeopathy?

What EXACTLY is Homeopathy and Does it Work?

Homeopathy is a branch of holistic medicine, where the homeopathic physician or practitioner gives a remedy of the same nature as what is showing up in the symptoms in a person.

For instance if a person is suffering from a cold or flu symptoms, then he or she should take a homeopathic remedy like oscillococcinum or FluGo which would cause cold or flu symptoms in a healthy person in a large dose. However the person is actually taking only the imprint of the dose (empty supplement) which will attract what is causing the symptoms in a sick person and draw them out of the body.

How does it work?

It works on a vibrational level (like attracts like), and resonates with what is causing the symptoms in a person, and then draws that to the homeopathic remedy which the person took, and will be eliminated when they use the restroom.

It works like a magnet, attracting the “bad guys” by offering them bait. They are attracted to it and attach to it and are quickly escorted out of the body.

What is in a homeopathic remedy?

Homeopathic remedies begin with an active ingredient (what would cause the symptoms of a specific illness in an individual) and then it bonds with purified water in direct sunlight.

This creates a memory in the water. Dr. Masaru Emoto proved this extensively in his work with water. He froze water crystals that were in different environments and with different substances (even thoughts, words, intentions and music) and then analyzed them under a darkfield microscope.

When they were beneficial they would show up like a beautiful symmetrical, perfect 6 sided snowflake! When they were diseased, they would show random patterns, or would look like bacteria. He took water from a sewer and blessed it – and it changed from random to beautiful. This was done with many different things in scientific laboratories and substantiates the workings of homeopathy.

After this homeopathic substance is exposed to the reactive ingredient it is diluted thousands of times. It is usually diluted so much that not even a molecule of the active ingredient is even in it.

The water is left with only the memory or imprint of the ingredient that causes symptoms. This water is then attuned to a specific frequency (vibration) that is matched to the symptoms an individual is having. They take it orally and it draws the symptom causing toxin out of the body.

It is completely safe, and very effective if you get the right formula matched to the symptoms you are experiencing. I personally use the oscillococcinum or FluGo at the first signs of a cold, and I really get through it very quickly, usually in 1 or 2 days, and way less severe too.

It works on many different symptoms as well. It can even work on animals! It is not belief based medicine (i.e., placebo) as animals don’t believe in a specific medicine, but it works just the same.

It is a holistic natural remedy that works wonders in people and the animals we love too.

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