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what is rls



Restless Leg Syndrome Treatment

If you’ve ever lay in bed and wondered why your legs suddenly felt awkward and when the uncomfortable feeling in your legs would stop, then you may want to read further. RLS, the common abbreviation for Restless Leg Syndrome (or Restless Legs Syndrome) is the automatic feeling of something uncomfortable or irritating in your legs and lower extremities that seems to be out of your control. It is also commonly referred to PLMS (Periodic Leg Muscle Disorder) and the treatment is the same.


Restless Leg Syndrome Symptoms

You will most likely notice one or more of the following RLS Symptoms:

  • Uncontrollable Jerking
  • Automatic Twitching
  • Painful Cramping
  • Tightness or Stiffness
  • Heaviness
  • Burning
  • Numbness
  • Uneasiness
  • Painful Legs

If you are someone you know is displaying any of the above symptoms of RLS, then you can just relax for a moment as you read about this safe and effective homeopathic treatment for restless leg syndrome.


Here is a brief video explaining what medical science knows about RLS:



RLS’s cause is yet to be detected but it has been linked to stress (of course) and heavy metals, most likely found from drinking tap water, (see “Is Tap Water Safe?”) and is most common in people with Parkinson’s, Huntington’s and Alzheimer’s because of the mercury and nervous system toxicity issues. 


Zeolite can be taken to help detox heavy metals from the body and take away the most probable cause. It is best to treat it as soon as possible because it is your body’s warning of too many stored toxins and the need to detox. If left untreated it can lead to all sorts of nervous system diseases, like those listed above as well as MS, MD, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Daytime Sleepiness, Anxiety Symptoms, OCD symptoms, and even depression.


Meditation is a natural stress relief technique that you can use whenever you feel your stress level is high or you feel RLS coming on. It is not a cure, but something that you can do that may help while you detox and get rid of the cause of RLS:


For more meditation information visit: Guided Meditation Techniques


Natural RLS Treatment

Now that you’ve quieted and relaxed your mind and body a little, you can look into the best natural RLS Treatment that you can take with you to stop that uncontrollable need to move your legs (even when you’re in a cramped space.)  One thing that I totally recommend for natural stress relief is the Bach Flower Remedy (which works to calm an overactive or stressed emotional or state of mind) called Rescue Remedy. This something that everyone should have to prevent mental or emotional collapses. It works really well.


The best Restless Leg Syndrome Treatment that I’ve ever seen is the Restulex homeopathic medicine remedy . Restulex is FDA approved and uses all natural ingredients. It begins working with your body (unlike most prescription drugs, that work against it) for safe, natural relief from Restless Legs Syndrome Symptoms and allows you to be calm, get a good nights sleep and have some peace of mind quickly!


Here is what other people are saying about this natural Restless Leg Syndrome Treatment:

After the first hour, I felt my legs melt into a new calmness!
By Renee B. () 5 Star

I am a 34 year old, homeschooling mother of 3 young boys. With each of my pregnancies I started getting nasty creepy crawly feelings in my legs that I could not relieve no matter how I stretched or moved. It never failed that as soon as I sat to rest my legs would start acting up.

The ‘bugs in my bones’ started aggravating in waves, my muscles contracted spontaneously, and then the uncontrollable twitching (kicking my poor hubby every so often!). The doctor said I was just on my feet too long and my legs weren’t happy with the extra weight I was putting on them. With the birth of the first two boys my legs settled down like normal. After my third boy – the leg ailment remained but was moderate. Doctor chalked it up to low iron and put me on iron pills – to no avail.

In January of 2004 our firstborn (who was 6 at the time) was hospitalized for a very acute illness, throwing off all our schedules and stress levels for some time. I had many problems with my sleeping habits after that. I would go to bed exhausted each night, dream of nonsense things all night and wake up just as exhausted. I could not get a deep regenerative sleep – ever! That, added to the couple hours of jumping legs, and there I was – a completely drained and frustrated mother with 3 very young boys.

Then I saw a commercial on t.v. about serious restless legs – and finally I had a name for my aggravating bugs in my bones!! I wrote down the name of the chemical product they were advertising and the next day made an appointment with the doc!

Back to the doctor I went – it couldn’t be the iron, it was fine, it wasn’t extra weight, I was back to my normal 95 pound self so maybe this solution on t.v. would be my answer. The doctor told me the product was for neurological patients and that she wouldn’t prescribe it for me. Then she suggested I was depressed and was going to give me chemicals, which I turned down and told her I just need decent sleep!!!

It was then that I gave up on doctors and did some research myself – which brought me to the Web page about Activive. The other testimonials sounded exactly like me! So I ordered a couple bottles – and within 3 days was sleeping like a rock; and waking up before my alarm alive with energy! Yeah! I was me again! I have taken Activive every day since and will never turn back. It even settled my restless legs for the first while I was on it. It has only been a couple months that my legs have gotten completely out of control again.

I went back to the website for my next order and noticed they now had Restulex for restless legs! Another prayer answered! I ordered some to try and am very happy with my new calm legs. In a matter of a about an hour of the first dose, I felt my legs melt into a new calmness. I can’t thank you folks enough for giving me my life back… bring on those 3 boys!!

You should also know that I’ve tried a couple other of your products and they’ve all done exactly what they claim they will.


Since Restulex, I have not had an episode once.
By Chuck N. (MI)  5 Star

One of the issues with restless legs, the problem affected my sleep as well. During the night, my legs would start kicking and of course I didn’t realize it, it didn’t wake me up, but all of a sudden Donna would push me on the shoulder and wake me up and say “You’re running in your sleep, you’re running in your sleep!” Well, that meant another night on the couch for Chuck.

The funny part, when I’m sitting in a recliner watching a football game or something, I can feel the tension building up in my legs, and all of a sudden one of them would pop up in the air. Wasn’t too bad when I was home alone, but when I had company over it was a little embarrassing.

Then I was introduced to Restulex. I tried it the first night, and no jumping legs, no restless leg problem. I took it the second night, and again, no jumping legs, no restless leg problem. This was new to me!

I’ve been on it now about four weeks, and I have not had an episode once during those four weeks. I’m sleeping better, I sleep through the night, I wake up refreshed, next to my wife in bed. I can cross my legs, I can cross my ankles, no problems!


You can get fast relief from RLS symptoms now by trying this fully guaranteed natural RLS Treatment.  


Homeopathic Restless Leg Remedy

This is The Natural RLS Relief Formula that Relieves Restless Leg Symptoms and Finally Gives You a Healthy Night’s Sleep – Restulex.  Click on the Restulex bottle or Order Now button for more information and lose your Restless Legs urges safely and quickly.


Restulex Benefits:

  • Quickly Begins relieving restless leg symptoms particularly the compelling urge to move your legs because of jerking, twitching, cramping, heaviness, numbness, sensations of pain
  • Gives you, non-addictive safe relief without any negative side effects associated with prescription restless leg symptom relief medications
  • Recommended for both men and women
  • Restulex is an FDA Approved OTC Homeopathic Medicine (FDA product listed NDC# 49726-022-02) that may be used with other prescription or OTC medications
  • Average Rating:***** (6 Reviews)

restulex - for restless legs syndrome


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