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Depression Treatment for SAD

Homeopathic Remedies for Depression

Natural Remedies for Depression

homeopathic remedies depressionHappiness is the most sought after thing in the whole world. It is also the one thing that escapes most people. Emotions can be a slippery slope as they fluctuate naturally throughout each hour, day, month and year. Symptoms of Depression can show up in our lives at any time, although usually after some emotionally traumatic event or challenge in our life. Depression can also be associated with the weather as in SAD Disorder (seasonal affective disorder) where you feel the blues when the skies are gray for a prolonged period of time. We all have natural rhythms or biorhythms that can influence how we feel in general. The specifics are up to us. You’ve heard it said that it rains on the just and unjust.


Fortunately there are a few things you can do for those times when you feel under the weather emotionally or psychologically. You may even feel chronically depressed or fatigued. Since we are a triune being (mind body spirit) each one influences the other. The better you look, the better you feel. The healthier you are, the better you feel. If you feel spiritually connected you feel great and at peace. When any one of these things are missing you just feel out of whack and don’t feeling like doing anything much at all.


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You even may have thoughts of not wanting to live or go outside anymore. You draw the blinds, close the curtains and seek to drown out your seemingly insignificant life. When you begin to feel like this, try using some natural Homeopathic Remedies for Depression. They actually support you, not over power you. The goal is to lead you in a direction where you will start to feel better without harmful medications or never ending psychotherapy sessions.


Pharmaceutical medications like Prozac, Paxil, Ritalin, and Lithium all have a base of fluoride, (fluoride is a very harmful substance that makes you feel worse with time). It’s job is to sedate you and tune you out of life. Does that really make you feel any better?  I don’t think so. Those methods are just a quick fix method that does more harm than good, and you still feel miserable afterwards. Homeopathy for depression can help in the now and in the long-term as well.

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Natural Homeopathic Depression Remedies

Even though there is no one shot fix for depression, there are some really good things you can try out for yourself that will really help you on the path to feeling happy and alive again.


The Top Natural Remedies for Depression:

Natural Therapy for Depression and Anxiety Relief

  • Natural Sunlight Therapy (20+ minutes of sunlight before 10am or after 2pm)
  • Full Spectrum Lighting (Provides natural mood enhancement as well as natural vitamin D)
  • Color Therapy (choose bright colors, particularly yellow and green)
  • EFT Tapping Therapy (Balances You Mind, Body & Spirit- Removes Phobias, PTSD, and thoughts of depression)
  • The Sedona Method (A fast no-stress way to move past ANY obstacle or feeling)
  • ExerciseAt least 20 Minutes per day of the Best Exercises
  • Choose to wear bright earth colors or decorate your room or office with those colors

Simply choose any of the above (or all of the above)  and see which ones work for you. Most people begin feeling way better in a few days time by doing them in order. Also, find things that you really enjoy doing, particularly if they’re outside activities and with positive or funny type friends and mix it up a little, even if it feels a little uncomfortable at first, you will feel so much better as you warm up to it!

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Natural Treatment of Depression in Homeopathy

Homeopathy Remedies work on the emotional level, and that is why they are particularly well suited to deal with depression better than almost anything else. MoodBrite is one such natural medicine that is helping others leave their depression behind and find freedom and happiness. Here is what they are saying about how MoodBrite is making them feel better:

I am not down and depressed as I used to be and have more happy thoughts!
By Lisa C. (TN) *****

MoodBrite is working great for me. I am not down and depressed as I used to be and have more happy thoughts. I am glad to find MoodBrite as a natural medication and am very excited about the good results from Mood Brite. I am also more up in my spirits and am able to function in my daily life activities.

My son also has the Synaptol and this natural medication is helping him to focus and follow directions. We are both very happy to find natural medications and appreciate your website. My mother passed on the information as she also is familiar with your products. Have a great day!

Thank you!!

It helped my mood immensely!
By Michelle K. (CO ) *****

I have really found the this product MoodBrite helpful. I have problems with depression and I have really bad reactions to prescription medications so I was looking around to try and find a natural alternative. I wasn’t sure that Mood Brite would work at first, and even though it took a little while, it did help – quite a bit, actually! I am very impressed with the results. It helped my mood immensely and didn’t cause any negative reactions. Not only does it seem to work but it’s safe! I was also impressed at how quickly it was shipped and got to my house – it only took a couple of days, which is very convenient! All-in-all I love this product and would recommend it to anyone.


For more information visit: MoodBrite or click on the bottle or buy now button if you’re ready to leave your allergies for good.



MoodBrite Benefits

  • Quickly begin relieving depression symptoms
  • Quiets overactive brain chatter
  • You begin feeling at ease and better real fast
  • Safe and effective natural homeopathic remedy
  • Provides long-term positive brain and emotional health support
  • Provide fast, doctor-formulated relief with no negative side effects

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